Area of the Former Felt Factory
The 3-hectare area, provided with every public utility and road access, is located within the Kőszeg Industrial Park, next to the southern access road, at the Szombathely bound branch of Primary Road 87.
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Name of the Area
Kőszeg, Pogányi út 5.
Kőszeg, Pogányi út 9.
Lot Number
2917/32; 2917/27; 2917/28
Greenfield - Industrial park
Location in the Settlement Structure
GIP classified: all economic, industrial and commercial purpose area | Land Use Plan
Classification in the Land Use Plan
Gksz-K/2 | Land Use Plan
Need for any environmental damage prevention?
Spatial development and landscaping
Original / Old Function of the Area
Area of the former felt factory
Size of the Area
6,500 sq. m + 23,000 sq. m
Public Utilities (Capacity)
Water connection: 20 m3
Wastewater connection: 1400 m3
Gas Supply: 680 m3/h
Electricity: 50 kWh
Access from Rákóczi utca via Pogányi út
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Contact Details
Privately owned by the Kőszeg Industrial Park, the area may be divided into smaller units; plots of 2,500 sq. m.
The maximum discretion is 50%, the maximum building height is 7.5m.


Contact Details

Kőszeg Város Önkormányzata, Városüzemeltetési osztály (The Municipality of Kőszeg, Urban Management Office)