Professor Ferenc Miszlivetz was in at the birth of the “Creative City – Sustainable Region” (KRAFT) concept, which was started and expanded into a programme in 2012, supported by the Government of Hungary.
The programme started out from the recognition that efficient cooperation between towns, institutions, key economic and social stakeholders and public figures, and mutually reinforcing interaction between social, cultural and networking capital are fundamental to realise successful developments and investments and strengthen growth and competitiveness. The programme is realised through exemplary cooperation between the general government, the municipal, the business, the religious and the civil society sectors.

The driving force and coordinator of the KRAFT programme is the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), supported by the Kőszeg Campus of the University of Pannonia, the Lutheran Vocational Secondary Grammar School of Kőszeg and the Municipality of Kőszeg as key cooperation partners. The recently established research and tertiary education institution units have been hosted by significant listed buildings in the town centre, which were refurbished financed by government support. These investments have renewed the town centre physically and also revitalised it in terms of its functionality. The iASK has base and applied research portfolios in a number of subjects including e.g. integrated rural development, cultural heritage, sustainable society and culture, data-based health diagnostics and ongoing transformation of global and regional systems. The iASK organises scientific events, conferences and trainings related to its research activities, besides calling for research scholarship applications.

The cooperation partners share the objective of increasing the creativity and innovation potential of the area and creatively grasping opportunities offered by network capital and ICT technologies. Within the KRAFT programme, another aim is to launch training, research and business development projects in partnership with educational, entrepreneurial and social stakeholders in the broader region.

Refurbishment of monuments, extending the range of local services and promoting cooperation serve the same goal of Kőszeg offering an internationally competitive environment for local residents and visitors, and for those seeking investment, business, education or relaxation opportunities.