Former Factory Kindergarten
A well-built residential house with the stylistic character of the turn of the century, located 400m from the town centre of Kőszeg, 200m from the railway station, near the bypass primary road. The house comes with a front garden and a large enclosed back courtyard.


Its size allows for a number of solutions: catering, guesthouse, beauty centre, nursing home, owner-occupied block, office building, bank, kindergarten. Headroom: 3.8 m Number of rooms inside: 8, three with the size of 50 sq. m. There is cellar with a headroom of 2.4 m under the building, which has its own dug well studded with limestone.

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Rákóczi F. utca 104.


Name of the Area
Residential Building, Courtyard
Lot Number
Brownfield / Other Utilisation Area
Classification in the Land Use Plan
Lk-A1K/11 | Land Use Plan
Size of the Area
1,717 sq. m
Directly via Rákóczi utca
Size of the Building
240 sq. m + house 253 sq. m
Condition of the Building
Partly needs refurbishing
Original Purpose of the Building
Residential building, later kindergarten
Contact Details


Contact Details

Kőszeg Város Önkormányzata, Városüzemeltetési osztály (The Municipality of Kőszeg, Urban Management Office)