Kőszeg is a jewellery box

Why Kőszeg?

Kőszeg is a jewellery box of infinite number of treasures to discover and exploit.

  • Kőszeg is synonymous with a harmonious and inspirational living space; its cultural and built heritage is renowned country-wide and so are its remarkable and attractive natural features
  • our town attracts professionals and entrepreneurs even from remote parts of Hungary
  • international airports are located in the vicinity (Vienna, Graz, Bratislava); railways and road infrastructure are dynamically developing in the area
  • our town is melting pot of culture and customs of three nations sharing the same living space; speaking multiple languages, Hungarian, German and Croatian ethnic groups have been shaping and enriching our community in peace for centuries
  • Kőszeg is a Learning City with diverse educational offer

Well-trained and language speaking workforce, school town traditions and the KRAFT programme offer a well-established background for business service providing, IT and creative industrial activities.

There are entrepreneurial opportunities in many walks of life in Kőszeg: interesting and attractive services, quality accommodation, exciting programmes to use and introduce values of the natural and built environment, high-standard health and social services, business service and IT activities, creative industrial start-up enterprises, etc.

Kőszeg keeps opening up new opportunities to seize and provides ideal environment for those seeking renewal, recreation or challenge. The local government and residents do appreciate experts and entrepreneurs who know how to keep their end up.

Take a closer look at the features of our town.