Transport and Infrastructure
The town and its vicinity are easy to access and have adequate public road connections; towards Szombathely, it is connected by road 87 while access towards Burgenland and the Vienna/Schwechat airport is provided by A-road S31.
Szombathely is going to be even quicker to access with the completion of A-road M87 in the near future. Vienna-Sopron-Lake Balaton transport axis is located at the northern edge while A-road M86, the critically important north-south axis of Western Transdanubia, is located on the eastern edge of the area. There are more airports to be found in the broader region: Wien-Schwechat (Vienna) – 115 km, Graz – 150 km, Bratislava – 150 km and Budapest – 230 km.

The town is connected into national and international rail transportation via the Kőszeg-Szombathely line of GySEV. Rail public transportation is well complemented by the local and long-distance bus service. A new intermodal transport hub is to be built in Kőszeg in the near future and local public transportation is also planned to be renewed. Bicycle road network of the area is developed continually.

Gas, potable water and sewage network of Kőszeg has been established and there is a 120/20 kV electric transformer in the outskirts. There is a complete coverage of telephone network and Internet access.