Former Textile Industry Factory Grounds in Kőszeg
The area at the Csepreg branch of Primary Road 87.
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Name of the Area
Industrial Area
Lot Number
2558/3, 2558/5, 2826/2
Greenfield / Other Utilisation Area
Location in the Settlement Structure
Within municipality boundaries
Classification in the Land Use Plan
Gksz-K/2; Gip-K/1; Gksz-A/5 | Land Use Plan
Original / Old Function of the Area
Light Industry Factory Grounds
Size of the Area
22,117 sq. m + 10,231 sq. m + 17,339 sq. m = 49,687 sq. m
Public Utilities (Capacity)
Water connection: 5796 m3
Wastewater connection: 5796 m3
Gas Supply: 225 m3/h
Electricity: 1225 kWh
Distance from Motorways: S31: 15 km; M1: 105 km
Distance from Primary Road: 0 m
Distance from Bus Station: 200 m
Distance from Railway Station: 200 m
Size of the Building
11,152.20 sq. m
Condition of the Building
Needs refurbishing
Original Purpose of the Building
Factory Building
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Contact Details
Phone Number: +36 30 932 3654


Contact Details

Kőszeg Város Önkormányzata, Városüzemeltetési osztály (The Municipality of Kőszeg, Urban Management Office)