Investment Opportunities in Kőszeg

Kőszeg Is a Location with Tremendous Development Potential Near the Austrian-Hungarian Border

There are a great number of real estates to be utilised or refurbished in our town in addition to the available greenfield sites. The below register of real estates is continuously updated. The data sheets of the real estates provide information about their classification in the Land Use Plan, size, ownership and infrastructure endowment.

Map of Investment Opportunities

List of Investment Opportunities


Former Open-air Bath
Lot Number: 2057; 2113 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Leisure, Sport #Tourism
The real estate is located near the town centre, in the immediate vicinity of the brook Gyöngyös, on the area bordered by Kórház utca, Alsó Körút and Strand sétány.
Undeveloped Area on the Area of Jurisics Miklós Industrial Park
Lot Number: 2869/29 Greenfield, Within municipality boundaries #Industrial Park
Undeveloped area
Undeveloped Area Towards the Border
Lot Number: 06/9; 06/10; 02/1 Greenfield, Outside municipality boundaries #Leisure, Sport
A single area of approximately 28,000 sq. m near Road 87, off the border, immediately next to the bicycle path under construction.
Holiday Resort in Panoráma körút (Panorama Boulevard)
Lot Number: 662 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Tourism
The former, now deteriorated, municipally owned holiday resort may be used in cooperation with the Municipality of Kőszeg.
Stipkovits Mill
Lot Number: 2131 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Tourism #Trade #Services #Public Administration #Office
Located next to the brook Gyöngyös, the deteriorated building may be used in cooperation with the Municipality of Kőszeg.
Meskó utca 1.
Lot Number: 1432 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Social
The almshouse located next to the road leading from the town to Austria may be utilised in cooperation with the Municipality.
Former Textile Industry Factory Grounds in Kőszeg
Lot Number: 2558/3; 2558/5; 2826/2 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Industry #Trade #Service
The area at the Csepreg branch of Primary Road 87.
Former Company Holiday Home
Lot Number: 813 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Tourism
The real estate is located in the Szabó-hegy holiday resort area, at the beginning of Felsőerdő utca, next to the ski slope and the road to Velem, opposite the car park of the former Hotel Panorama.
Former Factory Kindergarten
Lot Number: 2945 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Trade #Services #Health Care #Social #Tourism #Sport #Education
A well-built residential house with the stylistic character of the turn of the century, located 400m from the town centre of Kőszeg, 200m from the railway station, near the bypass primary road. The house comes with a front garden and a large enclosed back courtyard.
Area of the Former Felt Factory
Lot Number: 2917/32; 2917/27; 2917/28 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Industrial Park
The 3-hectare area, provided with every public utility and road access, is located within the Kőszeg Industrial Park, next to the southern access road, at the Szombathely bound branch of Primary Road 87.
Factory Building Premises
Lot Number: 2911/1 Brownfield, Within municipality boundaries #Industry #Energy Service #Township Management
The real estate is located in the south, within the municipal boundaries of Kőszeg, 200 m from Primary Road 87. Commercial, industrial and service providing establishments are operational in its surroundings.